Myopia and Mindfulness got married!

Myopia and Mindfulness got married!

Their first child, Myopia Control Practice, is born.

How does this marriage sustain itself? Let’s find out.

Myopia is a logical thinker, understanding self and life, by going inward into brain driven behaviour.  Seeing into the future is filtered through fear and not having control.  Looking with clarity protects unresolved emotion.

Mindfulness, well perhaps that is not quite the correct name. Is the brain really full?  Is the mind and the brain the same? Is the mind really full?  Perhaps her name is Mind Empty. What, how is this possible.  Well Empty Mind is like the Monk’s Brain.  All systems are integrating at a higher frequency.

Okay, that’s a bit too intense.  Let’s go back to Mindfulness, it is chic right now.  Mindfulness is a feeler. She loves to be.  Being for her is an open state of receptivity. Not over fixated on one macular point of reference. She uses retinal sensing and is intuitively guided from inspiration.

As the old saying goes, attraction is based on opposites. Perfect. Myopia and Mindfulness have a remarkable opportunity to create a relationship that serves them both and humankind.

Myopia and Mindfulness learn to dance in harmony between their brains and empty mind states. The key is balance. Their eyes, both have macular and retina parts. Mindfulness reminds Myopia that looking with precision of understanding is only one part of vision.  Seeing from nothing, observing in present time, is the Control Practice for raising the consciousness of an integrated state. 

Congratulations Myopia Mindfulness on your new creation. May Myopia Control Practice act as the inspiration for preventing future blindness on our planet. Looking forward to hearing more about this evolving process. 

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) and their family need your support. Here is how you can help spread the word. Thanks a lot.


Myopia Control Practice (MCP) in Action

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) in Action

In providing Myopia Control Practice (MCP) one has to address the inner world of the Myopic person. The hidden partitions of their myopic perceptions.  We use the science of the anatomy and physiology of the eye as a starting point.  For example, we know that the macular (Fovea) region of the retina is for managing the focus of light. This visual process is called looking.  Once the light information has been processed through the brain, thinking perceptions of understanding are formed. These perceptions form the basis of what in the art world is called figure (versus ground)

On the other hand, peripheral or background perception of retinal seeing most times play a lesser role in Myopia tendency to over think and look.  For this reason, the training effect of using the shape and arrow symbols on  the illustrated training chart become so precious.


MCP takes the person who behaves and perceives in a Myopic way, through experiential processes, guide them to expand their view into a Hyperopic or farsighted form. They learn to steer their inner world in a different time/space relationship. They observe when the symbols become unclear or clearer by the different states of mind they are wandering through.

With time and practice, they can wear weaker eyeglass or contact lenses and step further and further from the chart.  This is one of the dynamic training processes we use in MCP.

How to get started with Myopia Control Practice (MCP)?

How to get started with Myopia Control Practice (MCP)?

A number of people have raised this question, how can I help in bring more awareness of the Myopic epidemic to others and myself? So here are some suggestions.

  1. Begin by sharing on social media friends that Myopia can be controlled in an advanced form of  practice, called Myopia Control Practice (MCP).  There is a dedicated page on Facebook.  By liking the page, viewers will receive regular information, tips and links to self awareness posts. 
  2. Read the relevant articles on Myopia and Energetic EyeHealing on this site
  3. Begin the MCP process yourself. Post questions to the MCP Page on Facebook. Have a long distance Zoom or Skype consultation with Pashya Roberto.
  4. Gather friends and request Pashya Roberto to organise a FREE MCP webinaire
  5. Help raise money for Vision Aid Overseas to support disadvantaged folks receive very necessary vision care. 
  6. Later in 2019, there will be announcement about the MCP practitioner training to become skilled in providing this valuable service to others.  
  7. Follow Pashya Roberto on the Camino walk in France in May, 2019 raising awareness of MCP.
  8. Follow posts on Instagram for useful tips. 

The Myopic Time Bomb Action for Prevention

The Myopic Time Bomb                         Action for Prevention

As professionals of Vision care, we agree that Myopia is an out of focus eye. Up to now contacts, spectacle lenses, drops and surgeries have solved the symptom of unclear sight. With the advancement of digital technology there has been dramatic increases in Myopia throughout the world. One could easily be seduced in thinking that smart phones, tablets and greater use of computer, and lack of sunlight exposure is now the new cause of this epidemic outbreak. In spite of avant garde advancements in clinical methodologies, increases in Myopia are galloping at logarithmic rates. There must be other variables to investigate.

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) is a new process of approaching the challenge of Myopia. For over 50 years, I have investigated the Myopic person behind the eye. Most important is the relationship they have with themselves. Is the person suppressing energy that is needed to feed the operating system (life force) of the eyes? Are there genetic influences and life conditioning that habituates their inner world of Myopia? What do the coded measurements of the eyes mean? Does decoding eye information provide an epigenetic approach to offer new perceptual connections to their outer world? Does uploading new perceptions offer energetic healing support? Can different eyeglass lens designs assist the person in living these new perceptions in their daily life?

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) is a step beyond science of measurement and conventional external treatments. It builds on the principles of Behavioural and Functional Vision. It draws on the ability to send modified signals to the brain via lenses and upgraded perceptions. Covering the eyes in varying patching paradigms disrupt the excessive thinking of the Myopic conditioned brain. MCP deeply investigates the inner world of the person behaving in a Myopic way. Then integrated methods are used to restore a balanced and healthy view through the eyes

The inner perceptions of Myopia are better understood by examining and interpreting the many codes of the eyes. This EyeCode® has two forms. The ‘God given version’, the source code, the one that defines the person’s individual essence of how to see and live their life and be human. The second, the survival EyeCode®, shows how the person has been influenced through genetic programming, and conditioned through life experience, and how it programs the eye into Myopic and Astigmatic distortions.

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) helps the person undo the conditioning of their Survival EyeCode® and return to their Source Code. Clinical advances show how the person can be directed to use a balanced way of looking (clearness /thinking) and seeing (feeling/knowing) in a biofeedback format. MCP is a whole person approach. Prescribing of special biofeedback training and therapeutic glasses is a beginning step in the MCP process (These extra glasses are in addition to the normal glasses for driving.)

More info on Myopia Control Practice (MCP)

Post script – To support Vision Aid Overseas, helping the world see to see….. I am raising funds to support their fine work by walking 260 kilometres on the French Camino in May, 2019. Post script – To support Vision Aid Overseas, helping the world see to see….. I am raising funds to support their fine work by walking 260 kilometres on the French Camino in May, 2019.

Does Myopia Control Practice really work?

Does Myopia Control Practice really work?

Science asserts that it is not possible to use exercises to improve visual acuity, or vision function in Myopic persons. During the 70’s, while a Professor of Optometry, I became interested in interdisciplinary approaches to dealing with eye problems. A clinical study I organised revealed three very important facts.

When Myopic persons wear the normal minus lenses for compensating 20/20 eyesight, there is an interference between the two eyes. That is the stronger minus lenses create distress. By lowering the minus lens prescription, statistically lowers the distress.
Visual acuity significantly increased for Myopic subjects in just 3 weeks of implementing interdisciplinary vision therapy practices, that is using other processes, like different eating, sports practices, meditation etc.
Unlike the control group the, experimental group received professional supervision and coaching during the three weeks. The control group received the same treatment protocol and no significant improvements.

These processes have over the past 37 years been more refined and now form part of the Myopia Control Practice Approach. Read more about the research

From the light within

From the light within

Take a moment to enter into more awareness of your self. In this way you are in the presence of fresh perceptions. Align with more of your inner truth.

With this higher frequency of integrity you enter the world with more alignment. Your inner light is luminously bright. Inner matches the frequency of the outer. The shadows of perception fade.

Stay in the awareness, and look into the very existence and remember your source. Stay longer. Awareness is in steps of depth.

This seeing exposes everything. Nothing is left to chance. See into the unknown, the invisible.

This deeper level of awareness and seeing, brings your alignment beyond the former limitations.

Pizza Consciousness

Pizza Consciousness

A small family pizzeria stands opposite a tall church in Waldkirch, Germany. The town nestles between two mountain slopes of the Black Forest. Max is standing in front of the window of the establishment, drooling over the large picture of a pizza. A short man of medium build in his early seventies is enjoying the new experience of being semi-retired. His life has been full of deep experiences. Sliding his right hand through his greying hair Max studies the photograph of the pizza. His nostrils welcome the array of smells from inside. He slips into a memory of other experiences from his life so far.

A pizza is made up of four basic sections, which can be further sliced into 12 chunky, tasty pieces. Each segment of the pizza can be custom designed from a variety of toppings. Some people like more cheese and tomato paste. Others add items like anchovies, mushrooms, rocket salad, onions, meat, fish, chicken, sausage and more. Some prefer vegetarian and non wheat- based crust. In designing a pizza, everything is possible to suit the individual person’s needs.

Like a pizza, Max considers that humans are made up of carefully crafted elements that are coded with different aspects of consciousness. When you bite into a pizza you may be on the slice that has the perfect ingredients for your individual coded needs and awareness. When this happens you are in contact with your authentic self. Only then can you look through eyes of clear, unpolluted perception. He remembers the Sawubona state; which implies the viewer sees him or herself at a deeper level, through the eyes of the observed. “The God in me sees the God in you.”

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 19.06.10Then, Max’s eyes move to the three o’clock position of the pizza picture he is looking at and examines the items in that wedge. He sees bacon, pineapple, sticky cheese and blobs of tomato sauce. His stomach immediately sends him a message of feeling sick. Max’s immediate reaction is, “I don’t want to eat Pizza.” His thinking mind, accompanied by ego, continues in judgment. Looking at the Pizzeria, he forms the opinion that this really is a cheap foreign run joint.

In the next moment, Max breathes, shifts his attention to another part of the pizza and regains the Sawubona experience. He hears a voice inside: “Look through eyes of awareness. Be touched by what you are seeing and drop your critical perceiving.” His ego is reduced to the size of a pinprick. Max returns to his openhearted ‘being’ state while observing the whole pizza. “Where you place your attention is what you perceive,” he reminds himself.

Max slips off into a space of exploration. Perhaps, he senses, that every human being is coded like a pizza. People are constructed in perfection, like a well-designed pizza that sustains a blissful life on Earth. However, at conception, the unfinished business of the family tree like fear, unhappiness, unfulfillment and more, is passed down into the pizza of perfection.

The genetic code energises the pizza with influences that become our task on Earth to complete. In doing so we re-integrate our individual coded perfection that already exists. We discover that everything outside of us can be viewed via two forms of projection. Either we see though eyes of little or no influences from our childhood conditioning, or we reach the outside with perceptions of our
own known perfection.

Oh, that is why the Sawubona doesn’t always work, realises Max. When we bring perceptions loaded with conditioned thoughts, influenced beliefs and judgements to our eyes that is what we end up interpreting as reality in our outside view of the world. He remembers the saying, “One only sees what the mind projects.” This makes so much more sense now in his waking up to deeper levels of understanding.

Max is ready to turn away and continue his walk around the picturesque town with its old buildings, little town houses, cobblestone streets and shops that looked more like the time of the 50’s. The church bell rings out in agreement of Max’s new awareness reminding him that he is hungry! Pizza? He becomes aware of the pizzeria owner opening the door and walking right up to him. His olive complexion, dark hair and moustache suggest an Italian heritage. This is apparently true, since his occupation is to make pizzas. The man rubs his dough-coated hands on his apron from where another pizza logo stares at Max.

“What kind of pizza would you like?” Asks the pizza maker. At first Max is unsure why the man had come outside. Perhaps business was slow and he wants Max to help bring in more income for the day. “Thinking again from my conditioning,” thinks Max. “Okay stop,” he says to this inner voice. “Remember!” echoed wise Nana’s voice in his head; the South African black cleaning woman from his younger days. “Look at everything with your full Sawubona experience. Stop these thoughts, wipe the influence and conditioned part of your hard drive clean of conditioned perceptions.”

In doing so, Max’s eyes falls upon the pizza man’s gaze. He opens his heart to the hunger he feels and the pizza man’s offering. Instead of seeing a foreigner, a threat because of his own limiting perceptions, Max accepts the invitation. He orders exactly what he wants and engages in a salivating feast of his own unique pizza self.

The pizza consciousness kicks in. He enters deeper into his own awareness. In looking outwards, he is touch with a warm feeling of gratitude. Thanking the man with a pat on his shoulder, Max steps onto the cobbled street to enjoy his walk bathed in warm sunlight.
The pizza effect is a term used especially in which a community’s self-understanding is influenced by (or imposed by, or imported from) foreign sources. It is named after the idea that modern pizza toppings were developed among Italian immigrants in the United States (rather than in native Italy, where in its simpler form it was originally looked down upon), and was later exported back to Italy to be interpreted as a delicacy in Italian cuisine.
– Source Wikipedia