As professionals of Vision care, we agree that Myopia is an out of focus eye. Up to now contacts, spectacle lenses, drops and surgeries have solved the symptom of unclear sight. With the advancement of digital technology there has been dramatic increases in Myopia throughout the world. One could easily be seduced in thinking that smart phones, tablets and greater use of computer, and lack of sunlight exposure is now the new cause of this epidemic outbreak. In spite of avant garde advancements in clinical methodologies, increases in Myopia are galloping at logarithmic rates. There must be other variables to investigate.

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) is a new process of approaching the challenge of Myopia. For over 50 years, I have investigated the Myopic person behind the eye. Most important is the relationship they have with themselves. Is the person suppressing energy that is needed to feed the operating system (life force) of the eyes? Are there genetic influences and life conditioning that habituates their inner world of Myopia? What do the coded measurements of the eyes mean? Does decoding eye information provide an epigenetic approach to offer new perceptual connections to their outer world? Does uploading new perceptions offer energetic healing support? Can different eyeglass lens designs assist the person in living these new perceptions in their daily life?

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) is a step beyond science of measurement and conventional external treatments. It builds on the principles of Behavioural and Functional Vision. It draws on the ability to send modified signals to the brain via lenses and upgraded perceptions. Covering the eyes in varying patching paradigms disrupt the excessive thinking of the Myopic conditioned brain. MCP deeply investigates the inner world of the person behaving in a Myopic way. Then integrated methods are used to restore a balanced and healthy view through the eyes

The inner perceptions of Myopia are better understood by examining and interpreting the many codes of the eyes. This EyeCode® has two forms. The ‘God given version’, the source code, the one that defines the person’s individual essence of how to see and live their life and be human. The second, the survival EyeCode®, shows how the person has been influenced through genetic programming, and conditioned through life experience, and how it programs the eye into Myopic and Astigmatic distortions.

Myopia Control Practice (MCP) helps the person undo the conditioning of their Survival EyeCode® and return to their Source Code. Clinical advances show how the person can be directed to use a balanced way of looking (clearness /thinking) and seeing (feeling/knowing) in a biofeedback format. MCP is a whole person approach. Prescribing of special biofeedback training and therapeutic glasses is a beginning step in the MCP process (These extra glasses are in addition to the normal glasses for driving.)

More info on Myopia Control Practice (MCP)

Post script – To support Vision Aid Overseas, helping the world see to see….. I am raising funds to support their fine work by walking 260 kilometres on the French Camino in May, 2019. Post script – To support Vision Aid Overseas, helping the world see to see….. I am raising funds to support their fine work by walking 260 kilometres on the French Camino in May, 2019.


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