Science asserts that it is not possible to use exercises to improve visual acuity, or vision function in Myopic persons. During the 70’s, while a Professor of Optometry, I became interested in interdisciplinary approaches to dealing with eye problems. A clinical study I organised revealed three very important facts.

When Myopic persons wear the normal minus lenses for compensating 20/20 eyesight, there is an interference between the two eyes. That is the stronger minus lenses create distress. By lowering the minus lens prescription, statistically lowers the distress.
Visual acuity significantly increased for Myopic subjects in just 3 weeks of implementing interdisciplinary vision therapy practices, that is using other processes, like different eating, sports practices, meditation etc.
Unlike the control group the, experimental group received professional supervision and coaching during the three weeks. The control group received the same treatment protocol and no significant improvements.

These processes have over the past 37 years been more refined and now form part of the Myopia Control Practice Approach. Read more about the research


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