Conventional vision therapy, functional and Behavioural Optometry makes uses of lenses, prisms and vision therapy tools to enhance the brain and eye coordination. The therapies based on a diagnosis of problems of vision, such as convergence, accommodation, binocularity etc.

Vision therapy has been a a successful medium to alleviate the obvious physical signs and symptoms of vision problems. Within the past twenty years, more and more connection between the mind and brain have been recognised by scientists. Slowly, medicine and professionals in health are beginning to accept the premise that the visual system is heavily influenced by emotional and other psychologic processes. Even the role of consciousness is now considered and a mechanism that can influence the functioning of the eyes.

More recently, the evolving science of Epigenetics has offered positive ways to modify the history of the DNA by guiding the patient in managing their environment. Former “Genetic” coded diseases, like Myopia, R.P., and Cataracts can now more effectively be managed through changes in how the patient lives.

In this video, Dr. Roberto Kaplan shares his ideas of the EyeCode® Kaplan Awareness Training (e-KAT) with two of his colleagues.

Vision Therapy Upgrade for the year 2020 from Pashya Roberto Kaplan on Vimeo.


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