More often than not, people are finding out that reckless non-caring of their eyes are leading to life-threatening conditions, like early onset of macular degeneration. Female Patient Y, in her middle sixties, had less than 20 percent visual acuity left in her left eye. Her wish was no injections, medications or any other form of invasive methods. She undertook a two-year self-responsibility process in modifying her lifestyle to see if she could prevent further loss of eyesight. To improve her vision would be an added benefit.

From 2016 to 2018, she listened to self-healing audios to program healthy perceptions and reduce negative thoughts about her eyes. Patient Y examined the EyeCode® message of what the macular of her eye was messaging her about her future direction. Now that her work life was over, children grown, what was next. How could she let in a man into her life?

Yes, as surprising as it might seem, the way we lead our lives is intimately related to how we look through our eyes and program illusionary perceptions into our minds. The physical structure of our eyes is extremely sensitive to survival perceptions and a lack of connection from their owner.

So, we can learn a lot from Patient Y. Her Ophthalmologist who was not involved in the Energetic EyeHealing, after two years measured healing of the macular tissue. Her eyesight increased by 15 percent, which is significant in her ability to be more functional in her life.
Macular changes in 2 years

She never gave up hope. Patient Y refused to surrender her power to conventional medicine alone. She took on self-responsibility for her well-being. Control visits to the Doctors were fine, but first, she took charge of her own life. Where could she more aware of daily activities where she lost contact with the effect it might have on her eyes? Taking breaks to rest the macular and make a connection, like a friend. It is working. Patient Y is excited to be in her own power, using the awareness training of Energetic EyeHealing, and not a victim of her eye condition.

May you do the same.


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