“Seeing is nude. And you can come to truth only when you are absolutely nude; when you have discarded all clothes, all philosophies, all theologies, all religions; when you have dropped all that has been given to you; when you come empty-handed, not knowing in any way.” Osho

There is a great difference between looking and seeing. Looking implies that there is something to find outside of yourself. This means you already have an idea of something to look for. Imagine being in an Eye Doctor’s office. You asked to read the smallest letters. Your success will determine your looking ability. If you don’t look clear enough, you will be told that you need lenses before your eyes to help. This method of testing your ‘Vision’ is highly prejudiced. Your looking is directed by a concept of what you think it is.

Osho says: “At the most, it is just belief; you have been conditioned for it. Then you go on looking.” Truth of perceiving is not rooted in looking. Looking corrupts the eyes. This is like looking for love or health. The desire to keep this looking part alive drives the central part of the retina (Macula). Looking keeps the idea, or understanding alive, and that is all. Something you are looking for ends up that you are missing something.

What is needed is Seeing. This is the ultimate clarity, “Open eyes, open mind, open heart” says Osho. You are not focused on a particular outcome of thing, “…just ready and receptive. Whatsoever happens, you will remain alert, receptive, understanding. Conclusion is not there. Conclusion has to come. By your own eyes you will see, and there will be a conclusion. The conclusion is in the future. When you are seeing, the conclusion is not already there.” concludes Osho.

For more ways to really see – http://www.eye-see-life.de


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