The human eye is designed to manage two packages of incoming light. A very focused bundle of light strikes a central point in the retina, the Macular of the eye. The information stored in this light is extracted for building thinking and an understanding of what we are looking at.

On the other hand, the scattered light strikes the retina, which covers a large surface area of the back of the eye. The information in this light is used for sensing, seeing and feeling the context of what we are looking at.  Our perceptions through this feeling and seeing are usually based on non-clarity.

In this video, you have an opportunity to experience these two forms of perceiving.


2 thoughts on “SEEING is more than clear LOOKING

  1. I appreciate your approach to looking at and seeing … yes, introspection, that is what I am dedicated to in QI GONG and TAIJI and sitting still in the morning. the artistic expression of of my seeing nature’s magic is through photographing and moving/dancing QI GONG… emerging out of the inner silence. thank you, Roberto, for continuing to evolve that way! love from Vienna, anita calzadilla

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