Our usual perception of blindness is that it is the end of life. Cannot see, can’t live. Can’t work, visions die, and suffering as a victim begins.

Losing our eyesight to conditions like nearsightedness and eye disease is different. There is a medical solution that can return our eyesight to a perception of normality.

With blindness, the non-help from glasses, medications or surgeries opens up the possibility to new perceptions. How to avoid being a victim. Taking responsibility to see from the inside, behind the eyes. To learn the valuable lesson that no matter what is going on with our eyes, our reality of perception is our creation.

Isaac Lidsky is one man who has the right to talk in this manner. In spite of going blind as a teenager, losing his sight to a progressive retinal condition, he has made a fabulous life for himself, perhaps seeing much more than we do as sighted people.

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