“Mommy I can’t see the computer or TV clearly.” “My eyes hurt when I read.” Many parents hear these complaints from their children or observe their child’s squinting and straining when playing computer games or reading. As a conscientious parent you take your child to the optometrist or ophthalmologist and you hear the dreaded news from the eye doctor: “Your child needs glasses or a surgery.” You then do what your parents probably did, believe the doctor’s opinion as being the only choice you have, and you get glasses for your child or surrender to a medication or surgical procedure.

If you are prompted to seek out second opinion you might be interested in hearing about a complementary approach you can use to help your child’s vision. As a parent myself, I had concerns about my two son’s eyesight, especially because their mother had a history of nearsightedness and astigmatism.

While researching vision as a Clinical Professor of Optometry, I uncovered some amazing facts about the possibilities of recovery for eyes and vision. I want to share these with you so you and your family might benefit as our family has. My sons are maintaining their clear eyesight and are developing good visual habits.

Like your body’s muscles which can increase function, so your child’s eye muscles, directed from the brain,  can be trained to work efficiently and effortlessly and increase their fitness. The better function and fitness results in sharper eyesight without the dependency upon addictive strong eyeglasses.

Just as you would introduce physical therapy to restore function to an ankle injury, so the eye muscles respond to vision retraining. Even for those children who are already wearing glasses, vision fitness can be enhanced. Imagine the excitement of going back to your eye doctor and getting weaker lenses. This is happening for many people.

Here is what others have seen: (Extracts from letters)

“I was very disappointed when my doctor told me that David would need glasses and surgery in order to correct his wandering and lazy left eye. I just couldn’t imagine this young boy’s eye being cut into. I decided to find another approach to dealing with his problem. A friend told me about this doctor who had cured his own vision problem without surgery, drugs or strong glasses. It took a while to find him, but our first visit convinced me that I was going to use Dr. Roberto Kaplan’s complementary approach. He explained everything in great detail and began teaching David and I how to improve vision using very simple practices. He sent us to a colleague who weakened David’s prescription lenses according to specific directions he gave me. I was told that these glasses were a special vision fitness type and David would only be wearing them for a short period.

The weaker prescription allowed my son to focus, but at the same time, he had to retrain his brain to teach his eye to see more clearly with the weaker lens before left eye. I was amazed how quickly the results happened. After just four weeks of combining patching of his better eye and wearing the vision fitness lenses, George could see five lines better on the special eye chart we were trained to use. Nine months later, he was out of glasses 90% of the time and this past spring he had no trouble seeing the blackboard. Now our training program is oriented towards getting his two eyes to work better together. It is very obvious that no surgery is going to be necessary to alleviate David’s eye problems. I have also noticed an improvement in David’s ability to learn at school. It seems that the way he uses his eyes has brought about better school performance. What a wonderful side benefit I didn’t even expect.”

“I was devastated when my optometrist passed down the verdict that my son would need glasses. I couldn’t understand why he was having trouble seeing details at far distances when there was no nearsightedness in our family. I reluctantly bought him the glasses and to my absolute horror, my son’s eyesight was worse after he wore these new glasses.

How was it possible that glasses that were supposed to “correct” the problem seemed to make his vision worse. I began searching for an alternative way to deal with this problem. I heard about exercises for improving vision and a friend told me about a Dr. Kaplan. She and her husband had been wearing glasses for many years, and through a program of changing their eating habits, specialized practices and relaxation, they had reduced their wearing of glasses by 95%. They were very happy and encouraged me to have a consultation with this doctor.

Dr. Kaplan was very clear that his approach was educational rather than treatments, which suited me well. I wanted to learn how to help my son using natural and safe approaches which also matched our healthy lifestyle. The first thing we did was get Michael a weaker prescription from our optician, and he wore them only for those activities that necessitated clear seeing. Dr. Kaplan’s approach was very methodical. We had monthly phone check-ins by Skype and he taught Michael and I how to relax our eyes, and learn healthy ways to move the eyes to keep them alive and focused.

In between the meetings, he asked us to practice these new visual habits for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. One of the amazing things he showed us was how to assess our own improvements. Using a special training eye-chart, we learned how to see the positive changes through visual biofeedback. Within four weeks we were seeing results.

Michael became so excited that he even recorded his vision fitness findings on a graph. The results continued steadily for the next six months and I am happy to report that Michael is now hardly wearing his glasses and has no trouble seeing the blackboard at school. His performance in sports has improved as a result of his improved vision skills. I am very happy with the service Dr. Kaplan provides and would highly recommend his program.”


Roberto Kaplan O.D., M.Ed., FCOVD is Board certified in Vision Therapy, and the author of Seeing Without Glasses, The Power Behind Your Eyes, Conscious Seeing and Energetic EyeHealing, is a former Professor of Optometry, and can be reached via e-mail at pr@eye-see-life.de or phone message at (206) 905-1393, or in Europe at +49 (0) 160 218 6160. Website – http://www.eye-see-life.de


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