Spex or Specs, what do they signify? We can use them like any other tool. For most, they become an addictive device.  The lenses in the specs represent the diopter power lost from within the person. Is it possible to access this lost power through guided self experience journeys? 

Energetic EyeHealing is such a process. The iris of the eye shows areas within the human being where the power link may have been severed. Combined with looking at the diopter lens prescription of the specs offers a wealth of therapeutic steps to bring the person back to their inner  feeling power. 

Through an additional visual biofeedback process the person observes the returning inner power by increases in eyesight on a training eye chart, through lower and lower diopters.

Isn’t it time to look at Specs in a fresh organic way?  Like in so many instances, it will take informed consumers to bring about this visual revolution. It is happening. This process is more than exercising the eyes. The training is unifying the eye, brain and mind connection.



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