For most of my 45 years working as a Doctor of Optometry, I have advocated vision therapy as the remediation process for strabismus. When I relocated to Europe, I immersed myself into incorporating Psychosomatic Medicine principles into my integrated brand of vision therapy.

Combined with the vision therapy procedures, I more and more also guided patients in exploring the background causes of their eye conditions.  I encouraged the patient to build a new perceptual perspective of previously difficult perceived situations.

More recently, through my voice, I have guided the client working from the inside out, into directing energetic healing of these new perceptions. Rather than being procedure based, and looking for what technique I could use, I opened up new energetic pathways in the patient’s brain and mind. With the better eye is covered I then directed the specific new perceptions into the turning eye.

Here are two cases , where between 45 and 90 minutes of reprogramming of perceptions, combined with integrated vision therapy practices, resulted in momentary alignment.

Alignment Strabismus

In the case below the patient is an Ophthalmologist. She immediatley perceived more depth once she entered into alignment, without training.


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