When is love not love.  When a married person seeks relationship with another, or a single person seeks love with a married person, this is not love.  It is desire. You are dreaming, you are projecting on what you fantasize love to be.  Of course your dream is your dream and you can play this out as beautiful as you wish.

What will bring you to the point where you will never think of love again, or at least the love that is not love.  Real love has no place for crying, being lonely, fantacizing, longing, being sad, and all the other distractions we seem to experience when we are not in love.

The illusion of love disappears when the real dangerous man or woman shows up, the one who is willing to get married, come closer. Real love is present when the reality of being with that person, so transparent, so direct, that you are love, so full it just pours out and you no longer have to look for love.  With thanks to Osho.


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