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What is viewed in the nearsighted eye has a deeper meaning. Behind the physical eye is the conditioned world of the patient’s mind. One could consider the conditioning and non- conditioning to be like a code, the EyeCode®.

The patient has a reason for their myopic behavior. From the conventional medical way of looking at nearsightedness the warps in the physical eye are usually increased axial length, and steeper corneas. Clinically, one can rationalize that this is the only etiology for the patient’s myopia.

On the other hand, the nearsightedness begins in the patient’s mind as a survival mechanism “protecting them from fearful states of seeing.” It is possible that part or all of this fear of seeing is inherited through the genetics. Later, conditioned by life experiences with family members, schooling and culture.

The aim of this blog is to present an introduction to an effective diagnostic and therapeutic way…

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